Belvedere Partnership

Clarify your Vision: Presentation Strategies

Organizational Assessment

We help a firm recall its origins and recapture its vision.

  • A firm’s vision informs every sales and marketing decision – strategic objectives and plans, as well as asset gathering goals.
  • Successful CEOs and management teams instill that vision throughout the organization, continuously reinforcing core beliefs.
  • The entire corporate team’s embrace of that vision drives future success; building brand, increasing market recognition and gaining assets.

Sales and Marketing Transformation

Our presentation strategies address every facet of the sales, marketing and client service process. We analyze the efforts of investment sales professionals and create/refine a process that is geared toward improving sales productivity and increasing revenue.

  • Employing best practices, we focus on maximizing the potential of the components necessary to achieve high performance selling and service.
    • These include sales strategies and target market plans, presentation excellence, talent management, and compensation.
  • We review and revitalize key messages that distinguish the organization, building value propositions that differentiate, while collaborating with clients to create stronger, more profitable firms.

Client Service Transformation

We assist money managers and service team professionals in enhancing the client experience and increasing client satisfaction.

  • We assess client service practices, recommending specific process changes as needed, with the purpose of building client relationships that strengthen over time and endure through every market environment.