Belvedere Partnership

Tell Your Story: Presentation Skills Training Workshops

Prospects and clients form opinions and build relationships based upon the credibility of managers’ verbal presentations. Each member of your team should tell your story utilizing same key messages. A properly delivered presentation engages the audience by building a story and following the arc of that story from beginning to end. Our workshops focus on enhancing storytelling skills and presenting clearly, logically and consistently.

To ensure compelling storytelling, we conduct a multi-phase workshop encompassing:

  • Instructional seminars that provide building blocks for successful meetings and presentations
  • Team coaching that utilizes role-play to strengthen presentation skills confidence
  • Individual feedback sessions that discuss specific areas for improvement
  • Video services, producing CDs of individual sessions for participant review
  • Customized written reports for management, highlighting the challenges in each participant’s presentation skills, as well as inconsistencies in written materials